The Young and Disenchanted

About The Young and Disenchanted

About Miss Young and Disenchanted:

Once upon a time, on a continent far far away…

…a bug-eyed bald-headed beautiful baby girl was born. She grew some hair into an inquisitive little child who got slapped upside the head regularly for asking too many questions. One day she moved away from her warm crazyswexycool home country to bloody cold England. This was the first stage of her disenchantedment. She went through teenage-dom in the middle of the British countryside, population 5, and had to witness firsthand much ignorance and stupidity. She was thrilled when at the age of 18 she escaped for the bright lights of New York City and the college life. This new stage in her life’s adventure has been just as, if not more, ignorant and stupid, but also full of many funny/educational/downright bizarre experiences. One day she decided that in keeping with being an English major, she would also assume the role of writer so that she could continue to ask questions without running the risk of a sore head as well as to share her disenchanted wisdom with the world. And also so that she could legitimise the obscene amount of time she spends reading other people’s blogs.

About Rational Chaos:

Word on the street is that there is a new boy on the blog scene: a totally ignorant young mofo, sometimes called the King of Ignorance. However, this fella believes his ignorance is an enlightened ignorance, if that makes any sense. So why Rational Chaos? In common perception, chaos is random and  irrational but, in my opinion, chaos can be organized and be rational in the sense that there is an achieved goal. In due time you will find the way I write is chaotic, but it all has an end product. So mini-biography: born was I in the land where stereotypically lions and giraffes roam free. Born and bred there, raised pretty religious but kinda started to lose it and become highly skeptical when I went to a Jesuit School. Ain’t that some cow faeces. Was an only child for those looking for Freudian reasons behind my chaotic behavior. Had a pretty normal upbringing, considering. So I came to the US of A, to get me some wisdom and, believe me, I did. Studying Engineering made me more skeptical about life and had me constantly trying to rationalize things. The whole American experience has been thoroughly entertaining. And did i forget to mention my mind is highly colonized by the British?  So what am I disenchanted about? – I don’t know. I guess I’m not comfortable with the fact that bliss is not tangible the same way engineering is. Much love from the young, black and disenchanted (aren’t we all?) kid called Rational Chaos. Welcome to the Young and Disenchanted.


2 Responses to "About The Young and Disenchanted"

Sounds marvelous look forward to reading much more

I love your site. Keep it up !

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