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I haven’t written on this blog for a long time, mainly because the past few months have been ridiculously hectic: finishing an epic thesis, graduating from college, driving/setting off fireworks across the United States… you know, those standard coming-of-age traditions necessary for a recent graduate trying to figure out who they are/what they want to do with their lives/how to pay the rent without having to resort to eating Ramen every night. These past few months have been full of so many events, thoughts and conversations that have shifted my perspective on life – as, indeed, have the 4 years I spent at college in New York City – and I feel incredibly grateful, terrified and excited for my past as well as this next stage of my life.

With all of that in mind, I think it’s time for me to be on to the next – and by that I mean that this will be my last post on the Young and Disenchanted. While I’ll still be writing, this blog is a snapshot of the person I was a year ago: curious, cynical, college-age. I’m absolutely still curious and a touch cynical, but part of shaping my post-college identity requires a break with the past and a chance to rediscover passions I’ve left latent, or to find new ones all together. I feel decidedly less disenchanted than I used to be… And while I’m still fascinated by many of the same questions I addressed on this blog, particularly those of a more global/universal nature, I’m ready to be rid of all the bullshit emo-ness of university life that came with them (and also to stop cursing as much). I’ll be writing on a new blog that’ll be driven by my loves (Africa, books, politics, music and photography) and which will be hopefully a little more polished and definitely updated more regularly.

Looking over the trajectory of my posts, I’m actually pretty amazed at how much I’ve grown and I’m excited for this next new chapter of my life and all of the fuckery, love and wonderful souls it will undoubtedly contain.

Signing off,

Miss Young and Disenchanted

P.S. I saw Ms Badu in concert last week and she KILLED it. The title is from one of my favourite songs of hers (and which she also performed).


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