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Ten Questions (1): Shakira’s “She Wolf”

Posted on: 9 August, 2009

As a means of making myself blog more frequently, and in keeping with the “About The Young and Disenchanted” section of this blog that states that I love asking questions, I’m going to start a new segment called “Ten Questions.” It will entail me asking ten questions about various things I have seen that, for whatever reason, have piqued my interest and which I consider funny/educational/downright bizarre, or some combination of the three. Oh, and so I can have more fun with embedding videos 🙂

First up on the series, the following video by everyone’s favourite Colombian/Lebanese belly-dancing songstress, Shakira:

1. How on earth does one put on that black outfit?

2. Is she wearing two different shoes in said outfit?

3. Did she really howl???

4. Can anyone actually follow all of the lyrics of this song?

5. The weird shoulder dance: how/why?

6. Am I the only one secretly happy that she FINALLY dyed her roots to match the rest of her hair?

7. Would it be really very awesome to have a club in one’s closet, or would the noise on a Tuesday night get annoying after a while?

8. Who is her trainer/how can I have them on speed-dial immediately?

9. Is it me, or does she kind of look/dance like what Madonna would look like/dance like if she substituted half of her current creepily-high muscle mass for fat?

10. Does any of the above matter because her freaking HOTNESS is why I keep watching this over and over again?

Any and all answers to the above would be greatly appreciated.


2 Responses to "Ten Questions (1): Shakira’s “She Wolf”"

1. They sewed it on.
2. Looked like it. weird…
3. Yes, she did. Though I was expecting something a little scarier than that.
4. No, I was too busy wondering once again, how she dances without dislocating something.
5. No idea. Why, to keep us talking about her, obviously. Looking at this video now, I think she’s had some professional dance training
6. Dunno. I liked the dirty blonde look.
7. It would be very really awesome – don’t have to pay cover at the door, possibly free drinks, and only a short distance to travel to party.
8. When you get that number, let me know.
9. Nah. Madonna would still dance in her own weird-but-still-really-cool way. She’d just look better.
10. Eh… not really.

I don’t really like the song, though. I like the stuff that sounds more Latin.

1. who cares, its freggin shakira!
2. who cares, its freggin shakira!
3. who cares, its freggin shakira!
4. who cares, its freggin shakira!
5. who cares, its freggin shakira!
6. who cares, its freggin shakira!
7. who cares, its freggin shakira!
8. who cares, its freggin shakira!
9. who cares, its freggin shakira!
10.who cares, its freggin shakira!

love when she used her leg as a tail.. she’s so unique!

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